April 11, 2012

Of Army Tales & a Court Ban

A birth date that led to a row,
Has snowballed into trouble, and how!
At first, came the muck,
About bribes for a truck,
Then 'news' of troops closing in - Wow!

There's also the letter which stated,
Our weapons were bloody outdated.
With supplies unsteady,
We weren't battle-ready;
That a war, now, would sure be ill-fated.

The media, sure enough, ran
These juicy tales daily, their plan
To get us all spooked,
Till they were rebuked,
By the Court, which then issued a ban.

NDTV 12/04/2012: The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday restrained the electronic and print media from publishing and broadcasting any news reports on the movement of two army units towards Delhi in January, as reported in a section of the media. Get the story here

Get more on the age row story here and here


  1. i admire your words..excellent read this is...inspired me to write a few words of my own...

    Nation first...

    The army will be as good as its general,
    Sun tzu inscribed in the art of war.
    If polity's gift of chair seen to be eternal, 
    The army will be as good as its general.
    In history of sacrifice; now greed  cardinal,
    Of a general, ministers scramble in nation not far.
    If honor lies in blowing a birthday candle,
    The army will be as good as it general.

    I blog at cogitation-galore.blogspot.in

  2. The contents are really good…