April 16, 2012

Why Sending Toons via Mail is Dangerous

In Bengal, you may land in jail
If caught sending toons via mail.
There's a buzz and a rumour,
That our leaders lack humour --
They'll book you for cyber-crime - #fail

India Today 15/04/2012: The arrest of professor Ambikesh Mahapatra for having forwarded a cartoon about West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee has legal experts concerned about the use of Internet laws by the government to suppress free speech.Get the story here


  1. Muffle their voices, let's kill the press
    We won this change, let's not digress
    Let's squash the slightest murmur of dissent
    Turn off the Internet, lest toon mails be sent
    Let's stick to tyranny; let the people rave & stress

  2. Let's not jump to conclusions
    shall we
    for much there is that's hidden
    not for all to see
    How very appropriate, for us bongs
    losing sleep over petty wrongs
    (with) issues of development, just
    consigned to the sea!

  3. It isn't, you know, about toons
    But a syndicate of thugs and goons.
    Development? (Sigh!)
    That hope's running dry--
    Dreams of Change, now lie shrivelled, like prunes!

  4. Excellent limerick about a disturbing story.
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  5. Thanks Madeleine, glad to see you here :-)

  6. This Recluse from Mumbai - I knew
    Would irk me with a different view
    He calls himself a friend - no doubt
    I wonder what the stance is about
    Does he now think his blood is blue?

    Disclaimer: Friendly banter. Not to be taken seriously. I miss your verses, Mumbaiya friend :)