January 31, 2011

Look at what the taxmen found!

The taxmen couldn't believe their eyes.
When they raided to spring a surprise,
They found themselves staring,
Not at Piggy Chops baring,
But at Shahid Kapoor's muscled thighs!

Recently when IT sleuths barged into the home of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra (nick-named Piggy Chops), they were in for a surprise as they were met not by Priyanka but by Shahid Kapoor who opened the door wearing a pair of shorts. Get the story here. Now this calls for a Newsmerick :D


  1. i can understand the stars' lament
    IT guys, they pay taxes, be content
    what's with raiding
    and boyfriend parading
    while rajas, kalmadis have our money spent