January 25, 2011

An all-time favourite

Today, Inkspot has decided to post an all-time favourite. Enjoy :-)

Said an ape as he swung by his tail,
To his children both female and male,
'From your offspring, my dears,
In a couple of years,
May evolve a professor at Yale.’
                                         -Bennett Cerf (1898-1971), "Out on a Limerick"


  1. Love it. What about a mirror-like contest? Should start "Said a man as he ..."
    It could deal about global warming, nuclear war, the extinction of mankind...?

    Said a man as he ...

    Rafa from Valencia, Spain

  2. Hi Rafa, that's a great idea! Will definitely introduce it on Newsmericks.

  3. What, then pray
    should the professor say

    to the swinging mammal
    the primal male
    Look! no tail?