February 7, 2011

Inkspot in Egypt - dreams of interviewing HM

The land of the Nile is on fire,
Burning under people's ire.
With winds of change blowing
(They show no signs of slowing)
Sir, why don't you step down, retire?

See, I simply cannot up and go
For my bosses have told me, "Go slow.
For there's none like you, able
To keep Egypt stable,
But take some steps -- end this road show."

So now I am exploring new angle,
As to how these protests I can strangle.
In a few days, I swear,
I'll remove the damn square,
And in it's place -- build a rectangle!

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warns that removing President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt too hastily could threaten the country’s transition to democracy.Get the story here


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  2. I'll remove the damn square,
    And in it's place -- build a rectangle

    >>> thought provoking lines... in fact all of these countries have some squares....