June 23, 2010

Why reading poetry to your colleague is a bad idea

The man calls it consensual flirting.
Nope, harassment - she's been asserting.
What once was a dream,
Of cookies and cream,
Is a scandal now - how disconcerting!

And now it has been announced that Andrew Phillips has replaced David Davidar as President of Penguin International. Over the last few weeks the publishing world has been rocked by scandal as charges of sexual harassment was brought against David by a former colleague, Ms.Rundle. Get the story here


  1. When things go well, it is all so swell;
    Trouble, when it brews, always does spell,
    'Bloody Hell' in so many words or more;
    That's the story from the days of yore,
    Time it is to sense it and run like hell.

  2. Sweet dear Rundle got ready her bundle,
    Told a tale titillating without a hurdle;
    Kiss and tell, it is so mean I think,
    All I feel is unbearable stink;
    Bracing up for more, tightening my girdle.

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    in bygone days men would pour
    their love and feelings in your
    ears in poetry and song
    and they were not wrong
    to think that it will help them score!