June 26, 2010

Yawning desires

There once lived a young guy named Shaun,
Who met a young lady, was drawn,
His hormones a-swell,
To ring her door bell,
She answered, he let out a yawn.

"You poor little darling", she said,
Then took his hand and gently led
The chap down the hall;
With no qualms at all,
She undressed and put him to bed.

She turned off the lights, "I'll be scoring".
He told himself, his heart a-soaring .
Then she turned around
And guess what she found?
Him fast asleep, happily snoring!

Scientists now claim that yawing is not only a sign of sleepiness but could also be a sign of sexual attraction. Unfortunately, they are not yet able to differentiate between a yawn that signifies erotic arousal and simply the need to catch some sleep.Read more about it here


  1. Nice way to tell.

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  3. hey aparna, long time...glad to be back and flex some 'newsmericks' muscles ;)

  4. Then, if my guy were to give me a kiss
    My yawns shall not, his advances, dismiss
    That it is a sign of great attraction and affection
    And does not signify a night of sleepless distraction
    Will he understand or, the point, completely miss?

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  6. Lol. what's that about ? :D

  7. Hi Sujatha, welcome back!
    Ah I see that there is a spam message left by Onion Insights. Hope it did not make you yawn lol :P

  8. Could it be a yawn
    that matters
    or a yawn
    for slumbers ..

    This one takes the cake
    of all the blimey wonders!

  9. I know now why I yawn all day
    Must keep the handsome Boss at bay
    If I want to get any work done
    Must keep my mind off fun
    And hold off his smile’s lethal sway

  10. Anonymous10:38 AM

    what next? bond's yawns will do
    what his hairy bare chest is to
    brad's smouldering scowl
    nicholson's crazy howl
    is replaced by a hippo-like toothy moo?

  11. Love can come in any way
    A yawn is the easiest for a guy
    A girl may yawn, but only for fun
    Give me my due or else I run
    Miss a kiss, if it's thrown so high.

    Thanks, Aparna, you've an obedient pen I say.


  12. With permission from Aparna, I would like to say that the first one from Sujatha was truly awesome!

  13. Good ones, all of you :-)
    @manikchand - no need to take my permission to praise anyone who is flexing newsmericks muscle on this blog :D