July 8, 2010

Paul the Psychic Octopus

There once lived an octopus Paul,
Who loved a good game of football.
And when asked to choose,
Who would win, who would lose,
He was oft right, as you would recall.

Then one day when he wouldn't flatter
The Germans, who lost, there was chatter
Among fans that the dude
Octopus Paul be stewed
And then served up as seafood platter!

So many people want to cook the poor chap, too bad!


  1. Awesome!! I was about to ask you to write on Paul and you did. Telepathy. Love. Vish

  2. really enjoyed it.

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    ancient octopus lore has claimed
    venture not into human greed's domain
    once if you infuriate them
    your past record escapes them
    they all line up to cook your brain

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  5. Everyone developed an Addiction
    to Doc O.C Paul's Prediction
    Guys were apprehensive n frightened
    with baited breaths to be enlightened
    whether it was truly a Winning streak
    or just a case of an octopus turned freak
    While fans hollered for Germany in vain
    Doc O Paul simply said 3 cheers to Spain

  6. I asked “In my endeavours, will I succeed?”
    “I am no psychic”, the octopus did concede
    My own future is shrouded in dread
    Will I be protected or cooked and fed?
    This is one future I have not decreed

  7. Its two weeks now
    'nother merick gotta come
    what would Paul say to that

    Right said Fred! or what

    We are eagerly waiting for the next Aparna :)

  8. @manikchand - I know. Chief Inkspot will be more regular next month onwards...