June 26, 2009

Go in peace, Moonwalker.

As a man who lived life off the wall,
Michael Jackson, King of Pop, had it all.
Unmatched voice and that dance,
Held the world in a trance,
But then after the rise, came the fall.

Sucked him down, to the depths, like quicksand,
The man-boy, from his perch, Neverland.
Yet he hoped to prevail,
Over life's tragic trail--
So his 'curtain call' comeback was planned.

But the Gods denied him a fresh lease,
And ordained that his heart should now cease.
Now as fans near and far,
Mourn the Moonwalking star,
Let us pray that his soul rests in peace.

For Michael Jackson - the King of Pop (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)


  1. It is a big loss to the music world. Michael Jackson was an entertainer par excellence. The Peter Pan, the moonwalker & the King of Pop.

    Let us hope his soul rests in peace.

  2. Truely amazing.. !! I come to your blog everyday to see if there something new.. !! Keep posting more.. !! thnks !