June 22, 2009

Excuse me Sir, did you just swat a fly?

The President swatted a fly,
Thus causing a huge hue and cry.
Some folks called it slaying,
But others are saying,
"Great swipe!He's athletic, this guy!"

June 18th, 2009: PETA miffed at President Obama's fly "execution". Get the story here.

In West Bengal, it has been said many a time by great Bengali men and women, that we generally sit around swatting flies when we either have nothing to do or are doing nothing. "Maachhi mara kerani" (or fly swatting clerk/babu) is an oft used phrase, referring to the babus working in various government departments, who idle away their working hours. So now those very same fly swatting babus are feeling very proud that none other than the POTUS has joined their ranks. Am sure that they are now planning to cite this case and ask for promotions - a heftier paycheck and additional fly swatters as perk. Now this surely calls for some verse :-)

We the government babus, my dears,
Have been swatting flies for many years.
To Obama, our thanks,
For joining our ranks;
His swatting skills moved us to tears!

Here so often we hear people say,
That we babus sit idle all day.
But I think, they now will,
Appreciate our skill --
We're demanding a hike in our pay!


  1. Thanks Roger, glad you enjoyed the verses :-)

  2. This one was just pure inspiration. Truly great... made such a fine reading.