April 22, 2009

Power to the people!

When you're baking, in heat, like a bun,
A power cut's surely no fun.
I think powers that be
Will finally see
Why we must harness power of the sun!

Well, the last few days have been terrible in Kolkata, weather-wise. A sweltering temperature of 40/41degrees, high humidity and frequent bouts of power failure (coupled with Dada's ouster as captain of the KKR) - the lethal combination is seeping the life force out of Kolkatans. The power production is failing miserably to keep up with demand. A few days back, all the units of one big supplier tripped in unison, leaving citizens power-less for hours on end. Since then, with an average of 4-5 instances of power cuts per day, the dreaded word "loadshedding" is back with a vengeance in our day-to-day conversations.Maybe the time has come to focus on solar emergy, like never before. Well some good news in that direction here. If lights come, can fans be far behind? One hopes...

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