April 23, 2009

Look ma, a kissing couple!

Is kissing in public, offense?
If unmarried, yes, and so hence-
forth for your capers,
Please carry your papers
That prove that you're married - make sense?


MSN News 22/04/09: New Delhi: Kissing by married couple is not obscenity, says Court. Taking serious note of the growing trend of moral policing, the Delhi High Court Wednesday asked the Delhi police commissioner to hold an inquiry against a police official who had charged a newly married couple with obscenity when they kissed in public. Get the story here

I must point out here, that I am against moral policing in any form. However, if, as the news item mentions, only married people can kiss in public, some grave questions arise in this context (check out the comments section of the news item). Do the people in question have only to be married, or must they be married to each other? What kind of kissing will be allowed? What is a public place? Will a public place be defined similarly to the places where smoking is not allowed? Such thoughts surely call for a Newsmerick ~ InkSpot

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