April 20, 2009

Who'll win the Elections? What's your best bet?

In India now, if you're a bookie
(It matters not, whiz or a rookie)
You're on safer wicket
While betting on cricket
For election's one hell of a cookie!

TOI 20/04/09: According to the betting meter, the Indian National Congress (INC) is likely to get somewhere between 135-137 seats, the price for which is 65 paise return on every Rs 1 betted. The BJP is likely to get about 125-127 seats, where the return is 60 paise...the betting market for Lok Sabha elections 2009 is yet quite fluid and only by first week of next month, would the reliable trends start showing. As of now, there are few who are getting into the game of numbers, specially with the markets, bookies and clients more absorbed in betting on IPL matches.Get the story here

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