April 20, 2007

By invitation only!

"Hey lady, you can't go inside"
The burly guard at the gate cried.
"My orders, alas,
Say, 'only let pass
Those folks on the guest list of pride'!"

"Please, re-check the list," she replied,
The beautiful damsel, doe-eyed,
Then burst into tears
For you see, my dears
She happened to be - yes-the bride!

With such a lot of song and dance in the media about the 'real guest list', the secrecy and the craze for details from the Abi-Ash wedding that is underway, one can't but help imagine...what if...?



  1. Hua Ash se Abhi ka lagan
    'Guest' naache hoke magan
    Naa kar paya koi 'gate-crash'
    Hui aakhir Abhi ki 'Ash'
    Bahu aayi 'Prateeksha' ke angan

    Kyo kaisi kahi?