April 21, 2007

Knight in the shining armour

Young Bachchan comes riding his horse
And carries off - Aishwariya of course!
And who is that hunk
All dressed like a monk?
It's Sallu Bhai, whispers our source!

DNA 19/04/07: MF’s horse rides into Abhi-Ash party. Read on

{pic courtesy DNA}


  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Madam Ray seems to be smitten by Abhiash
    Cant stop writing 'bout their wedding bash
    As the Mumbaikar looks aghast...poor chap
    With no electricity or water in his tap
    At the security bandobast, of course on taxpayers' cash

  2. Well dearie, the newspapers state
    Half of Mumbai was outside the gate
    Wanting to share
    The Celeb affair
    And hardships? they think it is fate!

  3. nameste aparna,
    loved your blog and the posts.
    have sent you the invite request to join my Linked-In network too,
    warm regards