November 28, 2006

Like a bolt from the blue

Working one morning, when in a flash
Something in the laptop went - CRASH -
The system then packed up
(Before data could be backed up!)
Now my hard disc is nothing but trash!

If some of you are wondering where I have been in the past few days, well have been running around like a headless chicken ever since my laptop's hard disc crashed, taking with it a chunk of my life. Data could not be saved and ever since, well-wishers are calling up to advise me on the benefits of taking regular is amazing how advice about locking the barn door always comes in after the horse has bolted :-)

Well laptop back in working condition, hard disc a carte blanche ...please bear with me as I get my life back in order.


  1. Good comparison :-) Indeed, the benefit of hindsight is evident only after the event has occured.

  2. Anonymous5:49 AM


  3. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Sorry to hear that -- I don't take backups either -- but I trust my good fortune - Amen!

    On the flip side, your slate is erased--you can start afresh :-)

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Hey Aps, this one's just to add
    insult to injury....

    How come my dear headless chicken,
    Did you not ever reckon
    That your system may someday crash
    Turning your hard disk into trash?
    Henceforth let backup be your beacon.

  5. lol Qbit, that's true...a fresh start and it's a lot speedier!