November 29, 2006

Sex in the city

Brazil's old men and their wives
Are having the time of their lives
Ever since the mayor
Answered their prayer
With free Viagra - boosting sex drives!

CNN.Com 21/11/06: The mayor of a small Brazilian town has begun handing out free Viagra, spicing up the sex lives of dozens of elderly men and their partners."Since we started the free distribution of sexual stimulants, our elderly population changed. They're much happier," said Joao de Souza Luz, the mayor of Novo Santo Antonio, a small town in the central state of Mato Grosso. Read about it here



  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Nice !
    I know where to go when I retire :-))

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    its a real surpise!
    that this novel, concept-wise
    daily news web site
    to fall in my sight
    took this long, delay-wise

    but now that i am here
    let me make it clear
    you can't me me stop
    making this a pitstop
    eachtime i'm a web-warrior

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    In a country where procreation
    Is the major form of recreation -
    Here in India
    We need no Viagra.
    Stimulants come from our teeming population!

  4. Lol Padmaja, how true!
    Giri, welcome to my blog. Have fun :-)

  5. I feel lost among such examples of literary expertise :-)

  6. Welcome Vishy, just hang around and have fun :-)