November 23, 2006

Dr. Kotnis remembered...

Young Indians may not know his name
Yet the Chinese President, when he came
Took time off to reminisce,
And thanked Dr. Kotnis -
Can you tell me the reason for the same?

Reuters 23/11/06: Chinese President Hu Jintao met and thanked the family of an Indian doctor on Thursday who died treating wounded Chinese soldiers over half a century ago and became a hero in that country. Hu, on a four-day visit to India, spent around 20 minutes with the 79-year-old sister and eight other relatives of Dwarkanath Kotnis, who is remembered in Chinese textbooks for his services to Chinese soldiers during the 1937-1945 Sino-Japan war. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    While this is news...I remember that there was an old Dev Anand movie called 'Dr.Kotnis ki Amar Kahani.' he was not completely forgotten!

  2. It was V. Shantaram, wasn't it?

  3. Anonymous4:17 AM

    From my search on the web,it appears to be so.Looks like it also had an English name:And one did not come back.