September 8, 2006

Pluto's demotion & mom's cooking

I am back! And here is a verse that came to mind as I stared at the heavens from atop the Eiffel Tower one night :)

In school we were taught to align
The planets (well, then there were nine)
Now experts have voted
And got Pluto demoted
So now there are eight (and that’s fine)!

But mind you, the deletion implies
No more pizzas, puddings and pies
My very earnest mum
Was looking quite glum
"Will it be noodles or nachos? Please advise!"



  1. Intresting blog!!

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    hi, how was your trip to paris and do give some update on blogcamp...u r speakin' right?

  3.'re back...great !! how was the vacation?

  4. thanks sceneit, glad you liked it:)

    @diabolic and bvn - Vacation was great, will write about it soon. The blogcamp was fun and though the regional language session was short, it was nice being able to share the experience & issue with others. Have already posted the limerick I had for the occasion. More details to follow soon but probably on the other blog. Btw one of the highpoints of the blogcamp was Gavaskar sharing his experiences with podcasting!He plans to launch a blog soon, he said.