August 24, 2006

Time out

Here is a notification
Next two weeks, I'm on vacation
Wine by the hour
And Louvre, Eiffel Tower
Oh yes, Paris is my destination!


Friends, there will be no blogging for the next two weeks as I am off to Paris on a short holiday. On the way back will be stopping over for a few days in Dubai, my old haunt. Plan to be back in time for the BlogCamp in Chennai, which is scheduled for the 9th & 10th September.

So untill the 8th of September, au revoir!


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Bon Voyage Aparna!

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Your leaving for Paris! Believe me you sure will have a great time in there, so I heard. My friends kept bragging how pretty and romantic Paris is the last time they visited it. I hope to see you brag about it too the next time you write your blog. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous3:52 AM

    23. Blogging in Bangla & bridging Bangla & English blogs - Aparna Ray,,, ray.aparna[@]

    ei shob gulow bolte hoy. :P

    ahem ahem... special all the best for the bangla bloggin' :)

  4. Hi Aparna,

    My Name is Lijin and im from Kerala. Anew visitor of your blog :) Accidently..

    Happy Vacation ..