July 8, 2006

Powerless in Delhi

Each day, for many an hour
Delhi is now going without power
Also in some quarter
There isn’t enough water
So the Delhiites are praying for rain shower!

NDTV 08/07/06: As Delhi faces a power shortage, the minister for power Haroon Yusuf says the situation will last for another week before normal supply resumes. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Delhi or Cal - situash is no different
    With hours n hours of no current.
    I am really so glad
    To be back in Hyderabad
    6 Years back, I too was a Delhi resident!

  2. Anonymous4:09 AM

    yes, the condition is really very bad here. ; - (

  3. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Nice to read your blog, hated bong bloggers initially, but now, i seriously think Bongs have something other than Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to write about.
    Carry on the good work.

  4. @Padmaja - no no Calcutta is not in the same league as Delhi now... the poor Delhiites were taking walks at midnight in an attempt to stay cool! Hope it is better this week as was promised by the people in power

    @rohit - lol I think Delhi should use a slogan 'power to the people'...after all that is what democracy is supposed to be all about :-)

    @bhanu - Thanks for the compliment but what made you hate us poor Bong bloggers in the first place?