July 6, 2006

The politics of healthcare

A minister decides to play games
And who is his pawn? It’s AIIMS
We watch by the hour
This struggle for power
As the minister and director trade blames

DNA India 06/07/06: NEW DELHI: AIIMS director Dr P Venugopal on Thursday filed a petition in the Delhi High Court challenging his sacking in the wake of his differences with Union Health Minister A Ramadoss. Read more here


  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Here's a doc who stood his ground
    And refused to come round
    On the issue of reservation
    Preferring to face termination.
    Support for him will surely abound.

    (What saddens me is a renowned, well decorated cardiac surgeon with 47 years of service behind him has to go this away - a victim of politics...

  2. So that's it? What is your point and how do we solve it?

    First we stay away from voting process and let uneducated people elect these morons. Then we whine about how unethical they are. Question is what are we doing to educate our lazy educated whiners to drag thier lazy self to voting ballot?

    Sorry but I am just sick of reading these same stuff over and over again.

  3. There was once a Minister called Anbumani Ramadoss
    He fired the Director of AIIMS, to show who's the boss.
    The other docs rebelled
    Protests yet to be quelled
    So now it's the patients who are truly at a loss!

    What's with the doctors these days?! A bit more of these strikes and fasts and they'll give trade unions a run for their money! Not that it's completely their fault though - the Govt is so swamped with incompetents!

    P.S: Good one as usual :-)

  4. Padmaja and Priya, its good as always to get these responses from you in verse form.

    @Mumbai guy - I can understand your frustration of reading the news rather than solutions offered. It would really be great if I had a solution to the crisis... I could have written it in verse and become the political poet laureate of India...too bad I don't have any solution :(