July 6, 2006

July in Mumbai - season of fear?

Once again, the rains in Mumbai
Brought back fears of last year's July
As life ground to a halt
“Can it be BMC’s fault?”
Wondered Mumbaikers, as their days went awry!

Outlookindia.com 5/7/06 : Heavy rains paralyse Mumbai for the 5th consecutive day. Read more about it here.


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    I salute the Mumbaikars' resilience
    In the face of this annual nuisance
    BMC's year-long inaction
    And some knee-jerk reaction
    Donot inspire confidence.

    Last year saw Mumbaikars' courage
    In the face of rain's fury n rage.
    This year's gonna be no different
    And there'll be prayers fervent
    To give them the composure of a sage.

  2. Padmaja, it was quite interesting to land in a completely dry Mumbai just one day after the 'deluge'. It appears that media to some extent hyped up the situation. Some people explained that many of the deluge shots shown on TV were stock footage from last year's rains. So much for a true picture!