March 20, 2006

Tales from a Saturday afternoon

This Saturday I spanned the vista
Aqua Java to Flury’s, then Barista
There, I got to hang
With quite a cool gang
It was a time of pure fun and fiesta!

Sagnik, Gamemaster, Babel,
Teleute, Avi and I shared a table
As our laughter rang out
Some others nursed doubt
Whether or not, we were a wee bit unstable.

The numbers per se weren’t a lot
‘Coz the meeting was planned on-the spot
But though we were few
The hours simply flew
As we chatted, (God knows-about what not)!

There was no serious talk on our part
Enjoyed jokes, there was also voice art
Then Ram came, appraised
Sagnik’s past, left him dazed,
Want the skeletons? Naah, I don’t have the heart!



  1. wonder-full!! you should attempt a full fledged short story in rhyme next - seriously!