March 21, 2006

Zaheera's perjury: What lies beneath?

Prime witness in the Bakery fire,
She’s been called a ‘self-condemned liar’.
Changing stance pat,
At the drop of a hat,
Zaheera Shaikh has provoked the SC's ire.

It has been recorded on file,
The witness had turned hostile,
“She has perjured”
(The SC* adjured)
“Let her be thrown into prison for a while.”

Zaheera has said she needs time,
To figure out what was her crime.
“I had to veer,
Out of sheer fear,
I am innocent dear sirs, really I’m!”

Mumbai, 20/3/06: A sessions court on Monday allowed Zaheera Shaikh, prime witness in the Best Bakery case, to reply on March 29 to show cause notices issued to her and others for making false averments during the retrial, and extended her custody for nine days in another matter, in which the Supreme Court sentenced her to one year jail for contempt of court. Read the report here

*SC - Supreme Court


  1. Zaheera seems to be the biggest flip-flop ever in the history of Indian Judiciary! -

    Gr8 limerick - as usual if I may add. :-)

  2. Thanks Priya - for the link and the appreciation :-) Am really glad you are enjoying these verses!

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    aparna, why do u write poems always to tell something? am yur regular reader so plz answer me.

  4. Narayanan,isn't that the best way? What do you think?