March 20, 2006

Looking for a job?

Is your CV too serious and staid?
It's outdated, poor chap, I am afraid.
That plum job you seek
Needs a CV tongue-in-cheek
For you're competing with a teenage brigade!

Or, how about...

Today, your curriculum vitae
Need not be all high and mighty
For it's no longer tacky
To be casual and wacky
And the hirer will not think you flighty!

TOI 20/03/06: Today, CVs are no longer staid, serious documents. Many youngsters are spicing it up with funny, casual comments. Read about it here


  1. Hmmm, very interesting bit of news there. But me thinks me is still not ready to take that big a risk by being 'casual' on my CV!

  2. Funny !!!
    By the way i enjoy yr limericks a lot.. the idea of representing news as refreshing as limerick, I found quite refreshing and bold.

    You see.. I got inspired by yr newsmericks on CV and wrote a few lines.. instead of putting here as a comment.. I posted them in my blog.

    I hope u wld take yr time to read it.. thanks

    Keep up good work!