November 27, 2012

Declassify Netaji Files --- The Nation Wants to Know

His kin have approached the ministry:
Unveil secret files, reveal history.
Put an end to the nation's
Vague and wild speculations,
About Netaji's fate -- end the mystery.

26/11/2012: From a report in the TOI:
Did he die in the air crash? Or was the crash merely a decoy to facilitate an escape to Russia? Was he imprisoned in the erstwhile Soviet Union and die there? Did he go to China? Or did he return to India and live a hermit's life on the outskirts of Delhi and die there? Sixty-seven years after the last confirmed record of Subhas Chandra Bose boarding a plane for Saigon on August 17, 1945, what happened to Netaji thereafter remains an enigma.
Now, his nephews, nieces and their children want the questions answered and close the chapter on one of Independent India's most enduring mysteries. They got together on Sunday to demand that secret files with various ministries and intelligence organizations be declassified and made public.
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  1. all wants to know the mystery of Netaji's Death??? or life after independance of India.