February 2, 2012

The Bollywood Slap to Fame

The wait has been long; Inkspot's terse.
Could this be the end? Writer's curse?
But a complaint in rhyme,
Came through just in time --
And inspired in Inkspot, a verse.

Sujatha, this one, on the recent Bollywood slap story, is dedicated to you :-)

In Mumbai, there lived a young man,
Who came up, one day, with a plan
To get famous quick
(It was foolproof, the trick)
And that's how this whole thing began.

The trick was this - target a star
Then tease and provoke him so far,
That he slaps you, whereby,
Your plan hits bull's eye--
You're trending, you're famous, you are!!


  1. A newsmerick for me, I'm ready to swoon
    My prayers answered and all too soon
    Life is dreary and terribly boring
    It's a touch of poetry that keeps us going
    Grant us our manna - a poetic boon.

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