November 27, 2011

The Pawar Slap that Resonated

There once lived a young Indian chap,
Whose nerves, one November, went 'snap'.
The outcome? As hitter,
He trended on Twitter;
The talk of town -- His Pawar slap!

India: Youth Slaps Minister Over Price Rise & Corruption


  1. prices rise n rises rage
    palm itches n stretches hand;
    everything's drear but news's free
    hitting hard but where's the cheek?
    lo, things in pocket n money in bag.

    Thanks Aparna. I adore your focus.
    A N Nanda

  2. May such lads,
    live well and long;
    To go after them,
    all hammer and tong;

    for without the fury
    there won't be a jury

    To decide what is right,
    and what's terribly wrong!

  3. ha ha ha ha Your post is simply hilarious. Very nicely woven. The issue is contemporary and you way of portraying is simply witty.

    Divya Bhaskar

  4. Another slap is now making the news
    We wish to know Chief Inkspot’s views
    Come back, Aparna, we tire of the wait
    Two long months you’ve been distrait
    Not too long before my spirit mildews

  5. Dear Sujatha,

    The wait has been long,Inkspot's terse.
    Could this be the end? Writer's curse?
    But a complaint in rhyme,
    Came through just in time --
    And inspired in Inkspot, a verse.