May 24, 2011

Losing after a 34yr rule, the Reds introspect

A comrade asked, wiping his tears,
"We've been ruling for 34years;
From whence came this strange
Bong craving for change --
That landed this kick in our rears?"

His friend answered him with a shrug,
His arrogance intact, looking smug.
"When people want clean,
They somehow think GREEN --
I'm sure it's that 'climate change' bug!"

DNA India 17/05/2011, Vineeta Pandey:After the drubbing in West Bengal, the Left wants to do the right thing, with its major component, the Communist Party of India-(Marxist) [CPI(M)], deciding to do some “reality check” and take corrective steps to make a comeback.Read the story here

The Hindu 15/05/2011, K.V.Prasad: A day after electoral debacle in West Bengal, the Communist Party of India felt that arrogance and corruption among the cadre and leaders at certain levels resulted in the Left Front becoming isolated from the people, and it was time to analyse the situation threadbare instead of finding ‘scapegoats'. “The leadership got isolated from the people. At certain levels, arrogance and even corruption crept in among the cadres and leaders. They took the people for granted not realising that people are not passive and mere objects of politics but active makers of political destiny and the future,” CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan told The Hindu here on Saturday. Read the story here


  1. Why am I unable to relax and rejoice?
    Isn't anxiety, then, the natural choice?

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  3. A choice there is, that much we saw.
    But the scheme of things has one tiny flaw -
    Where are the champions of Bengal's feiry ire?
    What is the choice, the frying pan or fire?
    Do, now, the law-breakers turn makers of law?

    The youth of skills that fall short of none
    The children of tomorrow; much to be done
    Will this governance herald times of fortune?
    Will my motherland with prosperity commune?
    Or will the future mock a change hard-won?

  4. Thought provoking, Sujatha - only time will tell...

  5. And yeah, I went through original article and research pdf to find before I asked.