September 22, 2010

Our cleanliness - Your cleanliness

"Such a shame!" The official was dissing
An OC* staff, "Common sense is missing.
Why go piss in that section,
Where they'd come for inspection?
There are so many other spots for pissing!"

"Your biggest, mistake, you poor fool,
Was breaking the cardinal rule:
That says, you cannot
Afford to get caught.
Couldn't you quietly have pissed in the pool?"

CWG 2010 - Where your clean differs from ours. If it wasn't so pathetic, it would have been funny...well almost...

*OC - Organizing Committee 


  1. Good one! Yes but it not just the pissing!

  2. Thanks Sreelata. Yes, true it's not only that but it is an apt example of our attitude, isn't it?

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  4. :-)
    Always enjoy your newsmericks.

  5. Of Kalmadi's cohorts,
    stinking loos and broken cots
    the more the merrier,
    as it were;
    with snakes in parking lots!

  6. What’s this about my country’s name?
    I get to swindle; I’ll host the Game
    Why bother about hygiene issues?
    I did buy very expensive tissues
    As always, it’s the bureaucracy that’s to blame

  7. Anonymous10:27 AM

    thank you for shining a spotlight
    on our way of life
    so easy to observe from your great height
    our daily strife
    your progress began with change to the basic function
    we neglected the physical for the spiritual connection