June 1, 2010

When staying single is not an incentive by itself

Dear Sir, here's my application
Seeking pay rise for helping the nation.
By refusing to mingle,
And hence staying single,
I'm helping control population.

And dear Sir, please note - I am dreading,
That if my this letter you are shredding
With utter disregard,
I'll have to print card
And invite you, Sir, to my wedding!

Single/unmarried teachers from government-aided educational institutions in the State of Uttar Pradesh are lobbying for a special government allowance for helping with population control. Get the story here

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  1. if rising population concerns you
    while passion shamelessly burns you
    will government grants
    then soothe your wants
    and bring happiness to those you turn to?

  2. Better perhaps,
    for the human conundrum
    To remain single
    and free to mingle
    Just get your insurance done!