February 23, 2010

Discovering the sexy, rural India

For frolic and fun, they now say,
It's the rural youth that's holding sway.
Now ain't it a pity,
That youth in the city
Have less scope to roll in the hay?

Rural youth in India have more premarital sex than their urban counterparts, reveals a new study. The findings indicate that 17% of men in rural areas engaged in premarital sex compared to 10% in cities while four percent women in rural areas engaged in sex before marriage against two per cent in cities.


  1. such is the state of this nation
    we ponder at youth's gratification
    the bathing belles
    at villge wells
    offer things that city girls ration

  2. Lol, well said, ms!

  3. The villages have plenty of golden hay,
    For the village youth to sway n be gay;
    City youth chasing life are forever so tired
    Such is the life in which they are mired;
    Have they much chance to sway even in synthetic hay?