November 15, 2009

Men to continue peeing outdoors to save the planet (women of course have to use the loo)

Sir, how come your garden's so lush?
The gardener replied, (with a blush).
I'm watering, you see,
The plants with my pee
Am relieved - there's now no need to flush!

Men peeing in the open/ outdoors, a familiar sight in India, has recently received a boost with the UK based charity, the National Trust urging menfolk to pee outdoors on 'pee bales' or compost heaps in order to save the planet. Women of course should continue to use a lavatory and flush (thereby contributing to global warming) as their pee is 'more acidic'. Get the story here

Vive la difference, I say!


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    the gardens are so lovely and lush
    roses radiant with spring's blush
    fragrant and bright
    with nature's delight
    sprinkled with stuff meant for the flush

  2. Roger Ebert limerick contest

  3. @ms - it's supposed to work, but wonder if it will be okay to smell the roses after that? :-)

    @Binu - thanks for pointing it out. Have tweeted the contest announcement.

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  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Brilliant verse on to which I stumbled by chance.
    Perhaps this (and its ilk) will kmake your laugh-lines dance :-)