October 30, 2009

When your bank asks you to prove your gender

Recently, SCB sent me a cheque book adding Mr. (instead of Ms.) before my name. When I called up their PhoneBanking to point out the error, an extremely cheerful, young voice at the other end of the call-center line asked me to drop into the nearest branch for 'correction'. "They would also need some proof", the helpful voice offered. Now surely, this one is just crying out loud for a Newsmerick :-D

"Hello PhoneBanking, please tell me why,
My new cheque book says I'm a guy?"
"Ma'am, sorry for the goof
Please drop in with proof
At our nearest branch - we'll rectify."


  1. Really amazed at how this experience prompted you to write a limerick, instead of getting worked up and rant about it! But then I know why!

  2. Why not thank the bank
    at least they didn't leave it blank,
    imagine proving this mind bender,
    What if the check book had no gender?

  3. Hi Newsmericks, I'm back ... and facing a similar problem. Here's my statement

    “Tagore is NOT my last name; For Goodness’ sake
    Rectify now this recurrent mistake”
    My pleas still seem to fall on deaf ears
    I live on, hence, with my worst fears
    That I shall now, new relatives make.

    PS My last name is TANJORE

  4. @Gopinath - A little bit of humor, as you know, makes living that much more fun :-)

    @Gyanban - how true! one must be grateful for little mercies!

    @Sujatha - Welcome back! and here is a newsmerick for you.

    Like the poet, do YOU have a beard?
    Well, if not, get one engineered.
    And Tanjore - let's face
    It is the name of a place
    It's Tagore that will get you revered!

    And what is a relative or two?
    Then entire Bong clan will love you
    Now, it isn't too late
    Go accept your good fate
    And bid dear old Tanjore adieu!


  5. Names may change by notary
    Gender may change by surgery
    -or on paper by apathy
    Money may change by currency
    -or into (small)change by being spend thrifty

    Change is constant
    Unless you are resistant

  6. Oh! But I AM Bengali, through and through
    It’s Tamil hide but the Bongo heart beats true
    Bengali food and music to give me a high
    E mati tei jonmo amar, e mati tei chhaai
    “Born in Bengal; I wish to die there too”