October 1, 2009

Sexing up cricket

When I told them, "boys, get some action,"
Said Kirsten, with dissatisfaction,
 "I meant, practice cricket,
Not, go forth and stick it --
Am hurt by such vulgar reaction!"

Crickinfo India 25/09/09:  Gary Kirsten, India's coach, has said he was not involved in the preparing a controversial document that encouraged cricketers to have sex before matches.Get the story here

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  1. Thats a bit like Ian Botham
    Known for his exploits off the cam!
    But then those sixes
    and largehearted misses
    took them limeys off the lam!

  2. Hahah !! good one..

  3. unrelated, but still:
    the jungles are burning, we say
    the world is churning, we say
    the fires we light
    don't dispel the night
    such facts we are learning, we say

  4. Thanks Pallavi, glad that you like it :-)

    @manikchand - yep! nice lines on Ian.
    @ms - interesting POV on global change - do cross-post it on your blog on Oct 15th, Blog Action Day