October 12, 2009

Obama's Nobel :The Inkspot story

Well everyone has had something to say about it. We have dissected it, debated it, explored the motives behind it and almost dug up Mr. Nobel himself to ask what he would have thought about it. In the midst of all this, our intrepid Inkspot appears to have dug into the recipient's heart and come up with the 'true story' of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Enjoy!

Asked Inkspot, "Obama, pray tell
what made them give you the Nobel?"
Said the President, "Old boy,
Can't you see it's a ploy
To vanquish my peace, give me hell?"

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  1. an illustrious line precedes obama
    arafat, kofi, carter, dalai lama
    while detractors screech
    why? in every speech
    be thankful it wasn't osama!

  2. Hi Aparna,
    Here's something from me...

    Obama, Obama, dear Obama
    Would you care for a better balm
    People have their right to joke
    Don't fuss it, just ask for more
    All's in order for a change n drama!


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