December 16, 2008

Sole searching in Iraq

Inspired by Limerick Savant's delightful limerick on the issue

Bush admitted, he didn't have a clue
That his trip to bid Iraq adieu
Would leave them so broken
That as farewell token
They'd gift him that not-so-new shoe!

After ducking that number 10 sole,
Bush laughed off the event as droll.
But the message was clear
From the flying souvenir --
He'd pissed off Iraq beyond control!

Said George Bush, I didn't know, I swear,
That I'd messed up the Iraq affair.
But the truth sort of bloomed,
When in front of me loomed,
That journalist's stinking footwear!

The size number 10 left him frowning;
He recalled an old pal from Downing.
How unfair, he rued,
That Blair didn't get shoed -
He jumped ship in time, left me drowning!

BBC News 15/12/08: Shoes thrown on Bush during Iraq trip. Get the story here


  1. lol, hilarious! There hadnt been too many posts for sometime, but then suddenly this! Brilliant :)

  2. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I think worth sending Bush a link to this. He wud certainly appreciate the humor.

  3. @Savant - thanks! The banner and the Newsmericks mascot - the fearsome Chief Inkspot was designed by my friend Avi of ( :-)

    @Anon - how I wish!

  4. :)) Hilarious. I hope the news channels pick it up!

    Umm can I take credit for TLS's kudos? :P

  5. Yes Avi, the kudos are meant for you and well deserved, I must say :-D