December 20, 2008

Blog holiday - Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

This blog will be on holiday till the 28th of December. Wishing all the readers a Merry Christmas. Hope your Christmas stocking is filled with loads of gifts and no, please don't throw your shoe at Santa if he gives you any cause for dissatisfaction.

Talking of gifts, apparently these days people will buy just about anything. But I sure hope you are not intending to buy something like this as gift, and if you are, please don't send it to me.

A gift for me? Wonderful thought!
Believe me, I love gifts a lot!
Just one small request--
In your gift-buying quest,
Please don't include tissues with snot!




  1. Hi Guys!
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  2. Wish you Merry Christmas, Aparna and enjoy your holidays!

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  4. This is one gift I shalln’t decline…
    Your love, beloved, be mine.
    For kind favour of your gentle kisses
    I am even inclined to be your missus
    Our lives, then, rosy, nice and fine. ;)