August 21, 2008

Pervez Musharraf: President no longer

The reporters asked President Bush,
"Will you still remain friendly with Mush?"
"No, he lost his use, see,
When the new powers that be,
Got together and gave him the push!"

PakTribune 20/08/08:Musharraf forgotten, Bush to call new bosses in Pakistan. Get the story here


  1. Hello Aparna,

    I came across your site via a listing of top Indian blogs.

    You have a simply amazing blog. I can only marvel at your ability to put any even in a limerick perspective. Brilliant sense of rhyming - I must say.

    Please accept my compliments and I would be definitely looking for more from "Newsmericks"


  2. once when i was bored
    blogosphere I toured
    came across this funny blog
    so funny, my brain did clog
    and not even my sinuses were spared!

    (i know, i know, lame attempt)