August 17, 2008

India at the Olympics

We Indians belong to a nation
With 1/6th of the world's population;
But all we could bring,
Is one gold from Beijing,
"We tried hard," being our only consolation!

Anyway, congratulations to Abhinav Bindra who won us our solitary gold (and our solitary medal till date) at the Beijing Olympics.

PS: On reading this post, some experts have accused Inkspot of being cynical. They have pointed out that though we are a billion plus, very few in our country have the opportunity to play a sport of any kind in school and that Inkspot should know his facts before going ahead and being an 'opinion maker' ...

What can I say? I plead guilty on Inkspot's behalf - and now that we are shorn of our right to have an opinion (more so since we belong to the highly privileged few who had a 'sports period' in school) I am spending my time reading this delightful article by Jug Suraiya and wondering if he too is an opinion-maker...if he is, then we are in august company :D


  1. Hi Aparna,

    I've taken a cue from you.
    Pls check out


  2. A time to rejoice or to be sad?
    Bindra’s achievement though makes me glad
    For the one maverick son of my land
    As I ponder over the one question on hand
    “Is not winning a gold the nation’s fad?”

  3. Hie! I came over from Oso's site.. He says you are hilarious ;) Anyway, I want to say congrats on that one gold! At least India can say that it has that gold. Poor Malaysia (my country) - we only have one silver to our name. But am I happy? You bet :)