May 3, 2008

The Great Indian Middle Class and global food prices

Prez George Bush, it has come to pass,
Has laid blame on our Middle Class.
It seems we have hurled,
The rest of the world,
Into crisis by not chewing grass!

ET 3/5/08: US President George Bush has joined his top diplomat in suggesting that the growing prosperity of India's large middle class is contributing to rising food prices around the world. Get the story here


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  2. Hi Sudhakar,

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  3. Sure aparnaa
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  4. Well said! Well said! You might consider looking at the following link:

  5. Well put again!
    The stat say different though!

    And US is already suffering heavily from rice rumors!

  6. George Bush has nothing to lose
    The Indian-middle-clash basher
    Needs a course in fasting
    With a four-course breakfast
    And the filibuster and faux-pas.

    Hi, Aparna

    Does it make any sense, ha-ha.