April 29, 2008

A hair-splitting tale

When in Saudi a young man was hauled
Up for flirting, the Gov. was appalled;
One glance at the guy
And I realized why -
The young flirt was entirely bald!


Yahoo News 29/04/08: Saudi governor orders haircuts for men who hit on women. Get the story here


  1. Made me smile.
    Thanks Aparna.

  2. You are welcome, Ra :)

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  4. I want to take a limerick which you have already written and not new one.

  5. (If such a law were to be enacted here……we'll have hordes of bald boys!!)

    Just to get a free haircut
    Our boys will go pinch a girl’s butt!
    Nothing ever works here
    For ours is a democracy without fear.
    Much more needed to crack this hard nut!!!

  6. Hey.. where u live in saudi.. me in Dhahran.. That was funny..

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