February 28, 2008

Word defined: akhara

In Benaras, to keep fit and trim,
You could easily go for a swim.
Or, to exercise, there's
An akhara, downstairs,
What's an akhara? Sort of a gym!

In Northern India, a popular definition of an akhara is that it is a place for exercise and body-building. Traditionally, young men joined these akharas to practice wrestling . One can say that it is the traditional Indian version of a gym.


  1. U continue to amaze...though this one wasn't of the usual high standard that ur limericks manifest. Please visit my blog when u have the time. www.successhound.blogspot.com

  2. Eta thik jomlo na.

  3. Thanks for the feedback :)

    This limerick is meant for the OEDILF project, which aims to create a dictionary of limericks, where there will be atleast 1 limerick for every word in the English dictionary.

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