December 6, 2006

Amending the AFSPA

Said the PM to the army: it's a fact
That the Arms Forces (Special Powers) Act
Must needs be humane
And cause folks less pain
So say sorry and then have them thwacked!

On December 2nd, 2006, the Prime Minister addressed a gathering at Kangla fort in Imphal, Manipur where he said that suitable amendments will be brought in to make the controversial Arms Forces Special Powers Act more 'humane'. Read about it here

However, looks like the Manipuris have had enough of thwacking and are now refusing even 'humane' doses. Just read that Irom Sharmila has stopped taking drip feed after the PM's announcement and, according to her brother, has entered the 'last leg' of her marathon 6year hunger strike against the AFSPA.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Thanks to the "patriotic" hype
    Attached to the army type,
    They often give human rights a go by
    Leaving "Offenders" to suffer and die,
    While they pretend to smoke the peace pipe.

    (AFSPA - does it stand for Armed Forces (Special Powers) Animals? My heart goes out to the likes of Sharmila)

  2. True, Padmaja but let us not forget what a tough job the army has in these militant ridden parts of the country. They too are always living on the edge...