October 7, 2006

Jolie comes to Pune

Well Pune woke up with a start
For there was Ms. Jolie looking smart
She has come, as agreed
For she's playing female lead
In the Pearl memoir “A mighty heart”

DNA Mumbai 06/10/06: Celebrated Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, here in Pune to shoot for the film “A Mighty Heart,” on Friday gave mediamen the slip and took a round of the city in an auto-rickshaw. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    This is news to me
    Of the arrival of Pitt & Jolie
    They may be today's Hot couple
    But they sure caused Jennifer a lot of trouble!
    P.S:Hi Aparna, pls visit http://www.albacteria.blogspot.com/
    I am a cowriter.Thanks!

  2. Sure, will definitely check it out:)


  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
    After all are not such a hit.
    Their bodguard tried to strangle
    A paparazzi taking a wide angle
    Which also contributed its bit.