October 8, 2006

Anna Politkovskaya: fearless & done

As a reporter she was one of the best,
Though Putin may have thought her a pest.
She was finally done,
When a coward’s gun,
Found its mark – ending Politkovskaya’s quest.

Independent Online 08/10/06: Murder in Moscow: The shooting of Anna Politkovskaya. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Another sad day
    Another reporter's life is taken away
    A salute and a prayer
    That is all I can offer.


  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    A jounalist's life lost
    Despite Russia's Glasnost.
    Let's see what Gorbachov does
    Or whether it's all just fuss -
    Amidst Putin's liberal boast.