October 20, 2006

Imrana wins battle in court

What is it with these old men?
One rapes a daughter-in-law, then
Rules some top gun
‘Your hubby's now your son’
When will these tyrannies end? When?


When men start abusing their power
I strongly believe comes an hour
When they needs must fall
Like that old Berlin wall
And on that ruin shall justice tower.

Indian Express 19/10/06: More than a year after Imrana, a Muslim woman from a western UP village, defied clerics and village elders and complained that she had been raped by her father-in-law, a Muzaffarnagar district court today sentenced the accused, Ali Mohammed, to ten years in prison, holding him guilty of rape and criminal intimidation. Read about it here

However, Imrana's troubles continue with the Muslim clerics divided in their 'fatwa' about her fate. Some say that her husband should leave her as she is tainted. Others say that she can continue living with her husband and some even say that she can now marry whoever she wishes (including her rapist, as some clerics had ordered earlier!).

On another note, it seems fatwas are becoming the order of the day in places like UP. Here, apparently there is one for every occasion. Sometimes I wonder if our society is progressing or going backward to the dark ages! Can someone please reassure me that it isn't the latter?

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