September 20, 2006

Royal Mail does away with the Royal Head

Said the Queen, “It is all very fine
To know stamps can be purchased online.
But to know that my face
These new stamps won’t grace,
Is what’s keeping me from being on cloud nine!"

The Daily Mail 19/09/06: The Queen's head has been banished from a new hi-tech version of the stamp that is launched today by the Royal Mail. The decision ends a tradition dating back more than 160 years. In future, the public will be able to download a 'stamp' from the internet which can be printed directly on to an envelope or label. Read more about it here


  1. What an interesting pick
    news as limerick!
    Never heard of it before
    Besh! legeche moja jor.

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Sad for a dowager Queen
    To be relegated as a has-been;
    Not only as a symbol of royalty
    But be deprived public visibility
    After all the grandeur she's seen.