September 19, 2006

Hey Ram! Gandhiji meets Munna Bhai

When talking of Gandhigiri, can Munna Bhai be far behind? So, here we go :)

"Tum Lage Raho Munna Bhai "
Said Gandhiji with a loud sigh.
"Thanks to your lingo,
I’m suddenly in, bingo!
Just watch my books off bookshelves fly!"

"How can I stand by and frown
When you've made me the talk of the town?
Maine yeh kabhi na socha
I would be a 'chemical locha'
Now I need chullu bhar paani in which to drown!"

Gulf Daily News 15/09/06: One hundred years after Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi launched his non-violence movement, a new runaway hit comedy film is helping to bring his teachings to a whole new audience... "If Bapu (Gandhi) were to see the film today, he would have applauded the role," said Gandhi's great-grandson Tushar. "Already, I hear people are buying more books on Gandhi after watching the film." Read more about it here

*For those of you who do not know Hindi, here is an explanation of the phrases used:
a)Maine yeh kabhi na socha - I would never have thought
b)Chemical locha - its a slang used by the film's hero to explain a mental aberration which results in him seeing and conversing with Gandhiji as if the latter were alive.
c)To drown in 'chullu bhar paani' - roughly translated it means to die of shame or embarrasment

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Delighted that our Father of the Nation
    Has become the cool dude of this generation.
    Here's an avtaar of Gandhi
    For all to imbibe and see
    His teachings as a way to salvation.